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Long Straight Stairs XL
The Long Straight Stairs XL is adjustable in height....

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Kind of productStairs & Ladders
RangeExtra Large
CompatibilityExtra Large, Large, Medium
Maximum height above the flooring board (cm)381
Minimum height above the flooring board (cm)235
Available heights above beams in cm377, 371, 365, 359, 353, 347, 341, 329, 335, 317, 323, 304, 292, 310, 280, 268, 256, 298, 244, 232, 286, 274, 262, 250, 238
Height-adjustable every (cm)12,1
Incline and shadow42º / 111º
Kind of stairsStraight
Measures of the steps (cm)80 x 25
Going (cm)22
Height between steps (riser) (cm)20
No. of steps18
Material and finish of the handrailsAluminiun, Anodized painting / Black lacquered / Wood effect
Material and finish of the postsSteel painted with powder coating
Material of the stepsNon-slip and evacuating galvanized steel (with 8 mm interior perforations)
Maximum load per step (kg)200
Uniformly distributed load (kg/m²)200