TXL 32 Mezzanine
TXL 32 Mezzanine

TXL 32 Industrial Mezzanine


The industrial Mezzanine TXL32 Kit is acquired immediately; there is no need to wait for any quotation, measurement, technical drawing or manufacture. It adapts to almost every space thanks to the telescopic system of its beams and columns. It has a great resistance and load capacity, which allows to turn an industrial surface into an elegant and versatile professional space. The Mezzanine TXL32 is produced from high-quality materials and has 10 years warranty.

This mezzanine can be the ideal solution to increase the usable space in sheds, warehouses or studios.

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This metallic and removable mezzanine allows the storage of heavy loads (for example, pallets up to 500 kg., racks, stackers, pivot safety gates and more useful elements) and enables the movement of hand pallet trucks on it. Its assembly is easy and there is no need of works.

You can get bigger mezzanines with several shapes using the extensions, as shown in the following example: XXXX

This steel mezzanine can be combined with several Tecrostar accessories to meet the needs of each customer. Many Tecrostar stair models can be assembled, provided that their heights are compatible. To place a staircase inside the mezzanine, it is needed to acquire the Beam for Interior Stairs L Kit. Although the most appropriate railing option for this industrial model is the Railing L, it is also possible to install railings belonging to the M range which are more decorative and simpler. In order to assemble the railing or the stairs in the primary beam of the Mezzanines XL, it is required to add the Adapter for accessories in primary beam XL in every piece that will be attached to the beam. For instance, one adapter for each railing post and two adapters to attach the stair stringers.

This mezzanine supports high point loads (*), considering that its load capacity varies from 500 kg per square metre with its maximum dimensions. So, it allows to place racks on it. By reducing the dimensions of the mezzanine, the permissible load per square metre increases considerably up to more than 1000 kg per square metre.

(*) The mezzanine supports point loads of 300 kg distributed on a 10 x 10 cm surface, provided that there is a minimum distance of 100 cm between them. The maximum load per rack unit should be defined according to that criteria. For any other point load, you can ask our technical department.

The flooring placed on the beams is formed by high-density structural boards 35 mm thick, P4 quality. They have tongue and groove joints in their four sides so that there is not any failure or unevenness in the joints.

The mezzanine is assembled in a simple way and there is no need of works or asking for any license, since it is considered as a movable asset thanks to its removable feature. Check the following section to see further assembly details of this product: https://tecrostar.com/es/faqs/Instalacion-altillo.html

The fixation of the mezzanine depends on its configuration and on the place it is installed as well. Sometimes, it is required to stabilize the mezzanine as shown in https://tecrostar.com/es/faqs/Instalacion-altillo/fijacion-del-altillo.html, using some of the available Stability Kits.

The mezzanine is available in stock in Black colour, RAL 9005. All the colours of the RAL range are available upon request with a small extra cost.

The columns of the XL mezzanines are square shaped and are made of structural-quality materials. Consequently, they have a fabrication mark related to the traceability which indicates the heat number, steel type…

Data sheet

Kind of productOnly Mezzanine
RangeExtra Large
CompatibilityExtra Large, Large, Medium
Maximum height above the flooring board (cm)381
Minimum height above the flooring board (cm)235
Available heights above beams in cm238, 244, 250, 256, 262, 268, 274, 280, 286, 292, 298, 304, 310, 317, 323, 329, 335, 341, 347, 353, 359, 365, 371, 377
Beam height (cm)32,5
Height-adjustable every (cm)6.05
Width/Length-adjustable every (cm)10
Maximum length of the secondary beam (cm)566
Minimum length of the secondary beam (cm)326
Maximum length of the primary beam (cm)525
Minimum length of the primary beam (cm)355
Maximum area (m²)30
Minimum area (m²)10
Total maximum load (Kg)15000
Load capacity in its minimum extension (kg/m²)1000
Load capacity in its maximum extension (kg/m²)500
Material and finish of the structureStructural steel painted with powder coating
Flooring materialHigh-density structural chipboard with P4 quality, tongue and groove joints in its four edges and 35 mm of thickness.
Net weight (Kg)1618
Gross weight (Kg with packaging)1638

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    What does the kit include?

    Tecrostar mezzanines and stairs are supplied with everything you need to install the kit at its maximum surface area or height.

    • All the beams and columns
    • The floor panels
    • All the nuts and bolts
    • Wall anchors
    • Assembly manual
    • Anchors for anchoring the columns to the floor

    Personalised phone or email service from our specialists

    What load do the mezzanines support?

    The metallic Tecrostar mezzanines of the S, M and L ranges support a uniformly distributed load of 200 kg/m² (that means that you can place a 200 kg distributed load on each square meter). This is the live load for residential uses according to the international regulations. The total maximum load will be 200 kg by the square meters of the mezzanine.

    The XL mezzanines support higher loads, 500 kg/m² (considered as medium storage) and their usage is more industrial. However, they can also have a domestic use when more resistance and rigidity is required. The bearing board included in the XL kits is thicker, more resistant and allows point loads (pallet truck, racks) as well. Ask Tecrostar the permissible values of these point loads.

    Can I install a Tecrostar mezzanine outdoors?

    Tecrostar products can be installed outdoors (exposed to the elements), provided that a series of special measures are taken during installation and that you carry out regular maintenance in order to ensure that the materials are in good condition. The recommendations are the following:

    1. The Tecrostar mezzanine flooring comprises moisture-resistant plywood structural panels. However, it is recommendable for the customer to apply waterproofing paint to the floor and exposed edges; this will be particularly effective for preventing water from penetrating and getting into the tongue and groove joints of the panels and affecting the edges.
    2. It is also recommendable to install the mezzanine with a slight slope (approximately 2%) to make it easier for water to run off and prevent it from accumulating. This incline can be achieved by installing levelling plates under the highest columns of the structure.
    3.  Similarly, all wooden components (wooden steps, cleats, etc.) should be treated with some type of water-resistant paint or varnish to prevent dampness from penetrating and cracking the material, thereby resulting in the loss of its mechanical and aesthetic features.
    4.  In addition, wooden components should undergo regular maintenance, the surface protection applied (varnish or paint) being checked to see it has not deteriorated and reapplying when necessary.
    5. The steel components are coated with paints suitable for outdoor use but as after one or two years the paint will probably need to be touched up in small areas like edges and corners that could show signs of rusting and loss of shine. It is recommendable to polish these areas to remove any rust and then apply the paint.
    6. If the mezzanine is going to be installed outdoors near the sea, the maintenance recommendations should be carried out more regularly, due to the greater corrosive power caused by the presence of salt and humidity.
    7. The aluminium handrail of the railings does not require special maintenance, as all of them undergo surface treatments to guarantee their performance outdoors (anodized silver, lacquered in black or with wood effect).
    8. The structure and its corresponding floor anchors and braces are designed to withstand the actions of the wind. DO NOT CLOSE OFF THE SIDES, as this results in greater horizontal forces not considered in the calculation.

    Mezzanine exterior

    Can the mezzanine be installed without columns or removing a column? Attached to walls

    No, our mezzanines are sold with columns by default. We cannot guarantee the resistance of walls or corbels and the customer will be responsible if the product is modified in these cases.

    Can I install it in a room with trapezoidal or irregular walls?
    Yes, you can, because the structure does not need to be in total contact with the wall.

    You can adjust the structural floor, working around architectural barriers or irregular surfaces.

    When the walls are irregular or when you want to work around a fixed object, the decking can be finished off against the wall

    Adjustment from below:

    Adjustment from above:

    Can it be installed as an extension to an existing mezzanine?

    Yes. This is quite common and the results are very good. The telescopic system of the columns enables the height to be adjusted every 12 cm, so in the worst case scenario you will have a 6cm difference.

    Can the columns be installed moved to the corners?
    Yes. The columns can be moved to the corners up to ¼ of the total length of the structure. This feature allows you to work around the walls, switches or furniture you have on site without compromising safety.

    What is the delivery time?

    For products in stock (white and black for S, M and L ranges), the delivery time will be approximately 5 working days from placing the order. Once the product has left our facilities, the normal transport time is between 7 and 10 working days. The transport time varies greatly and is difficult to control due to many factors: Place of delivery, local holidays, customs, etc.

    If we cannot meet this delivery time, we will contact you.

    How is the product shipped and received?

    Mezzanines are shipped in boxes by an external company in a lorry with a tail lift that enables the box to be unloaded to the ground (at street level at the customer’s address).

    How do I get the product up to my home?

    Don't be alarmed by the total weight of the product, the components are light and manageable, so you can move them easily and take them up in the lift.  The heaviest components are the primary beams from the L range (39 kg), the rest of the ranges are considerably lighter (12kg).  The floor panels are very light and fit in any lift. No component is more than 2.4m long and therefore, fits in most lifts.

    Is the XL range delivered differently?

    There is a slight difference with the rest of the ranges. In order to deliver mezzanines XL, the delivery location should be accessible to a truck/long trailer (maximum mass admitted up to 36t). If there are access restrictions for this kind of trucks, there could be additional costs due to the necessity of transferring the merchandise to a smaller vehicle. Should you believe it exists any kind of restriction, please contact us.

    The customer should take care of the merchandise unloading process. That unloading should be made from the lateral sides of the truck (this kind of truck do not have back liftgate).

    We deliver the product packed with pallets at the bottom, so its unloading should be made preferably with a forklift.

    Characteristics of the materials

    Tecrostar products are manufactured with the most suitable materials for the proposed technical solutions, combining wood, steel and top quality aluminium.

    • The steels used for beams, columns and other components are fit for structural uses with a high yield strength (S235, S275 or S3555, as required). The pieces are manufactured using maximum precision laser cutting, folding and pressing processes. Next a powder coating is applied and they are baked in the oven, offering maximum adhesion and an outstanding finish.
    • Structure hardware grade 8.8
    • Anodized aluminium apt for outdoor use
    • The wood panels used for the mezzanine flooring can be made of European radiata pine plywood or high density structural chipboard. All the boards are tongue and groove on all four sides to prevent faults and unevenness at the joints of the modules.
    • Other wooden components, such as the steps and parts of the handrails, are made from top quality beech.

    TECRO has earned certification from the AEM, the federation of Spanish materials handling. We have also received a Gold Medal Award of Merit from the INPEX (Invention and New Product Exposition), the top award for innovation at the largest Invention Exposition in the USA.

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